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Environmental Microbiology and Water Hygiene

Hygiene in water-bearing technical installations

In the interests of preventive health care and in accordance with the applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, water-bearing technical systems must be hygienically inspected. In order to assess possible risks of infection by pathogens and to uncover hygienically relevant weak points, we carry out microbiological examinations, among other things. Preventive examinations for the presence of legionella in central drinking water heating and distribution systems of public facilities are of great importance.

During a telephone consultation as well as during an on-site inspection, the scope of the examination including sampling and analysis is determined for the respective water-bearing technical system.
Based on the knowledge gained, the analysis results and our many years of experience, a possible risk of infection is assessed, the necessary need for action is determined, measures are proposed, technical weak points are identified, remediation concepts are developed and hygiene reports are prepared.
We support you in implementing the requirements imposed by laws, regulations and generally accepted rules of technology. Examples of these are the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), the Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV), the DVGW worksheets, the VDI rules and regulations, the UBA recommendations and the LANUV worksheets.

Our range of services

  • We examine drinking water cold and drinking water warm from drinking water installations in accordance with TrinkwV (German Drinking Water Ordinance)
  • We examine eye and body shower systems
  • We examine water from dental units and ear rinsing systems as well as other medical devices
  • We examine water from deionized and osmosis systems
  • We investigate water from piped drinking fountains and water dispensers
  • We examine process water from process water plants
  • We investigate water from fountains and other water-bearing systems with aerosol formation
  • We determine microorganisms on surfaces, in equipment and apparatus, in raw materials and in water-bearing technical systems of production facilities
  • We support other departments in their investigations of water supply plants according to drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV)
    • of swimming pool water treatment plants
    • of room air conditioning systems (RLT systems)
    • of evaporative cooling plants and cooling towers
    • of bathing water and bathing ponds
    • of raw water, surface water and waste water
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