Verein des
Hygiene-Instituts des Ruhrgebiets e.V.
des Ruhrgebiets
Institut für Umwelthygiene und Toxikologie
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Support Organization

How it all began

When a typhus epidemic struck fear into the population of Gelsenkirchen in the late summer of 1901, Robert Koch demanded radical measures from politicians, associations, and industry. At his suggestion, the Verein zur Bekämpfung der Volkskrankheiten im Ruhrkohlengebiet e.V. (Association for combating widespread diseases in the Ruhr coalfield e.V.) was founded on December 16, 1901, with its headquarters in Gelsenkirchen. As early as the beginning of the following year, the Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets region began its work.

The most important facts about our supporting association

On December 16, 1901, the constituent meeting of the association took place in the Hotel Keller in Gelsenkirchen.

Entry in the register of associations

On January 24, 1902, the entry was made in the register of associations no.: VR 519 (formerly VR 21) of the district court of Gelsenkirchen.

Name change of the association

On December 30, 2022 the name was changed to Verein des Hygiene-Instituts des Ruhrgebiets e.V.

Current executive board of the association

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Jürgen Kretschmann (Chairman of the Board)
Joachim Löchte (Vice Chairman)
Dr.-Ing. Frank Obenaus
Dr. rer. nat. Thomas-Benjamin Seiler
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Waider

Prof. Dr. med. Werner Schlake (Honorary Chairman)
Senator E.h. Peter Scherer (Honorary Chairman)

Managing Director

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas-Benjamin Seiler

Our members

Members of the association are cities, counties, associations, companies, and private individuals.

Honorary members

Dr.-Ing. H. Messerschmidt (†), retired mine director, Bergass. a.D.
Dipl.-Ing. H. Zander, retired director (Gelsenkirchen) (†)

Photo on the right:
Robert Koch's inspections as original sketch

The association on the Internet

You can reach our supporting association via its internet presence.
If you want to know more about the foundation, history, and activities of the association, you can find it here:
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