Verein des
Hygiene-Instituts des Ruhrgebiets e.V.
des Ruhrgebiets
Institut für Umwelthygiene und Toxikologie
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Research and education

The Hygiene-Institute is an affiliated institute of the Ruhr University Bochum

We promote teaching and research in cooperation with universities and universities of applied sciences. Since August 1991, the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene, Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology has been designated as a scientific institution at the Ruhr University Bochum. We further maintain cooperation with the RWTH Aachen and the University of Bonn. We are happy to participate in projects for which our expertise is needed and contribute our decades of experience.

Research and teaching

In our networked world, scientific research is one of the essential foundations for the further development of our methods and processes. We conduct research, the results of which we publish in technical journals and which are incorporated into standards and regulations. Last but not least, we offer our own employees the opportunity to participate in internal and external training courses in order to stay current with the latest developments and to increase job satisfaction.

Imparting knowledge

We impart basic knowledge through a targeted selection of topics in our courses. However, we also link this basic knowledge with practical experience that we encounter in our daily application. This intense linking allows us to gain a much better understanding of the processes in nature and the complex reactions that occur when materials and products are used. We are happy to pass on this experience to experts and interested laypersons by means of training events. We often hold such events in close cooperation with our partners in order to be able to draw on a wide range of potential.

Communication even during Covid

An association-owned competence center with modern teaching and communication technology (video conferencing) serves us as a contact point for holding seminars and other events - and this can be used comprehensively and safely even during the current pandemic.
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